About Kyrin

Kyrin Hall PhD, CIPD is a Clinical Nutritionist working in the Netherlands & London. She has worked 7 years in the Health & Wellness industry. Her services are covered by health insurance.

As a Health Expert, Kyrin is actively involved in the media. She presents  health programmes for Sky TV, the ACTIVE Channel. Her shows can be seen weekly in the UK. In Amsterdam, she contributes to Breakfast radio 99.4 FM and Salto TV. She has written for Zest magazine, Men’s Health, Runners World and various online magazines.

Kyrin’s journey in the area of health started when a family member was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. This prompted her to study the relationship between diet, stress and health.

Now Kyrin helps people understand, how food and lifestyle choices can profoundly impact overall health. She helps people Regain their Energy. Feelings of tiredness, weight gain, stress, blood sugar imbalance, hormonal issues, depression and headaches can be affected by proper food and nutrient choices. Kyrin studied Food Science and Orthomolecular Medicine and is a member of BANT [The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy], NTC [The Nutritional Therapy Council] and MBOG [Society for Orthomolecular Medicine in Holland]

She believes in Functional foods and nutrients to support the body. With acquired culinary skills from the Cordon Bleu,  her philosophy is that healthy and nutritious always equals delicious and enjoyable.

Her second modality to help people manage their health and external stressors is Yoga. She is an advanced senior teacher (SYT) registered with Yoga Alliance UK, with over 6,000 hours of yoga tuition. She studied yoga in India and California, and is the founder of the ‘Yoga 4 Runners’ studio in Amsterdam.

Did you know that Kyrin:

  • Is a Corporate Trainer. She gives Health workshops to Law, Marketing and Financial companies [Clients include Shell, Rabobank, UN, American Consulate among others]
  • Worked for the Chelsea Football Club, have celebrity clients such as Vialli, Kylie & Dannii Minogue among others.
  • Won 1st female in the Cuba Trail Marathon in January 2007
  • Has lived in Canada, USA, Asia, UK, New Zealand, Caribbean and Holland
  • Is an Advanced Public Speaker [Toastmasters Int’l]