About Kyrin

Kyrin Hall

Kyrin Hall

Kyrin Hall PhD is a Clinical Nutritionist and Health Journalist for SKY TV (UK). She Founded the brands: Eat4Energy + Yoga4Runners.

Kyrin helps you Regain Your Energy. She believes that your Food and Lifestyle choices can profoundly impact how you Feel.

Using Functional foods, nutrients and diagnostic testings (as needed), She helps you better understand the underlying factors that hamper your health.

Her philosophy is that healthy should be simple, easy and accessible.

Kyrin studied Food Science and Orthomolecular Medicine and is a member of BANT (The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy), NTC (The Nutritional Therapy Council) and MBOG (Society for Orthomolecular Medicine in the Netherlands). Her culinary skills were acquired at the Cordon Bleu.

As a Health expert, Kyrin is actively involved in the media, her tv shows can be seen weekly in the UK.  She has written for Zest magazine, Men’s Health, Runners World and various online magazines.

Kyrin Hall - TEDx

Kyrin Hall – TEDx

Kyrin is a Tedx Presenter, an endurance runner and yogi. She was awarded the 2014  WBii Strong Entrepreneur award.

Kyrin lives between Amsterdam and London.

Her services for Nutrition consultations are covered by the Dutch Health Insurance.

Did you know that Kyrin:

  • Won 1st female in the Cuba Trail Marathon in January 2007
  • Has done over 6,000 hours of yoga tuition/practice
  • Is a Corporate Health & Wellbeing Trainer. CIPD certified
  • Worked for the Chelsea Football Club
  • Is a brand Ambassador for Filippa K soft sport line
  • Trained various celebrities, such as Vialli (footballer), Kylie & Dannii Minogue
  • Has lived in Canada, USA, Asia, UK, New Zealand, Caribbean and Holland