Where find time to exercise?

Here are 12 tips to get more exercise into your day:

  1. Strengthen your arms – Lift a phone book overhead – 10 times
  2. Tone your legs – do leg kick backs as you prepare dinner – 10 times each leg
  3. Tone your derriere – contract + release (15 times) while on a train journey
  4. Tone your glutes and legs – Squat at your desk or in the loo – 10 times
  5. Strengthen your back – do a spinal rotation – as you reach for the alarm
  6. Prevent rounded shoulder – Pectoral stretch against the door frame – 5 secs
  7. Stretch your calves  – soften your knees until you feel a stretch – while you queue – 5 secs each calf
  8. Sit tall – glue your navel to your spine to improve your core/posture – 10 seconds

Increase your cardio

  1. Walk briskly to/from work
  2. Get off the tube 2 stops early
  3. Take the stairs
  4. Mix social and exercise, meet a friend for a run


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