Which foods contain the daily nutrients that you need!

food and nutrients.

food and nutrients.


Ideally it would be great if you were able to get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. The challenge is to know which foods contain what nutrients, or how much of such food should you be eating.

The rule of thumb is to eat a varied diet, eat a rainbow of colours, foods that are in season and ideally local.

Here is my list of 12 nutrients that your body needs to boost your immunity and energize you and a list of foods that contains them.

12 important nutrients and the list of foods that contains them:

1. Vitamin C: Broccoli – strawberries – freshly squeeze orange juice – bell peppers

foods and nutrients2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D3 – cod liver oil – raw fish – fortified cereal – caviar – oyster

3. Folic acid: Spinach – kidney beans – green soya beans – broccoli – asparagus

4. Beta-carotene  [immune boosting]: Sweet potato – pumpkin – carrots –spinach – kale – squash

5. Selenium: Oysters – brazil nuts –sardines – tuna – clams – turkey breast

6. Vitamin E: Wheatgerm oil – flaxseed oil – olive oil – almonds – blueberries

7. Lycopene [anti-cancer nutrient]: Tomato sauce/juice – pink grapefruit – watermelon

foods and nutrients8. Glutathione [powerful anti-oxidant]: Asparagus – avocado – walnuts – peanut butter – oatmeal – broccoli – spinach

9. Omega 3: Oily fish: sardine, herring, salmon – nuts & seeds – flaxseed – spinach – avocado

10. Polyphenol  [powerful anti- oxidant]: Berries – kale – spinach – grapes – prunes – dates – figs – parley

11.Fiber: Beans – lentils – quinoa – fresh fruits & vegetables – brown/wild rice

12. Protein:   Fish – lean  poultry & meats – beans/lentils – hempseed


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