5 Nutrition Tips for managing your child’s energy

Children who are hyperactive, suffer from mood imbalances (frequent crying spells) have difficulty sleeping or experience fluctuations in energy & concentration can positively benefit from proper nutrition.

5 tips to impact a child’s energy levels:

  1. Remove all forms of refined sugar (candy, chocolate, cakes). These foods can unbalance a child’s blood sugar levels, this have a negative impact on energy.
  1. Eat complete meals at each sitting, to include fruit and vegetables, carbohydrate (rice, bread, pasta) and a protein (cheese, fish, poultry, lean meats, egg). This will elevate overall nutrient status.
  1. Identify food allergies or intolerances. Wheat and dairy are often culprits.  Look for symptoms such as a bloating stomach.
  1. Avoid artificial colourings and other additives as best you can, these contribute to the body’s toxicity level. Benzoates (E210-E219) = found in some applesauce, soft drinks, chocolate, icing and Aspartame (artificial sweetener) = diet/sugar-free/no sugar added products; are 2 of many such additives.
  1. Always aim to eat foods that are in their most natural state. Avoid processed food as best you can. This will ensure that your child receives the optimal nutrients.


Kyrin Hall

Kyrin Hall - Natural Medicine, Food Science + TV Health PresenterKyrin presents & produces Health programmes for SKY TV The Active Channel. She also contributes to various Health magazines such as Men’s fitness, Runner’s world and Zest Fitness…
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