Where is the Protein?

Going Plant-based

This 6-week online course helps you to adopt a plant-based diet. It breaks down how to combine foods to optimise your energy levels. It helps you to get the right macronutrients and phytonutrients. Bite-sized strategies that are easy to implement into your daily life.

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this course is right for you, if YOU

  • Often feel tired

  • Have a sluggish digestion

  • Have a dip in energy during the day

  • Feel run-down

  • Sleep poorly

  • Suffer from low mood

  • Eat a sub-optimal diet

  • Battle with weight issues

  • Need motivation to pre-plan your meals

  • Is confused by the overload of nutrition information available

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Boost your Energy

With this course YOU get:

online course 2
  • Weekly question and answer check in - online - with the Nutritionist / Trainer

  • Food pantry checklist

  • Shopping lists

  • Meal plans (easy to prepare)

  • Nutrition strategies (food science + culinary techniques)

  • Lifestyle strategies to beat fatigue

  • Motivation: certain thoughts & triggers can sabotage your progress

  • Affordable 6-week programme that equates to less than 2 visits with a Nutritionist

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