Blue Monday

Working from home this morning, it’s Blue Monday. The day the excitement of the new year dissipates and we are left with a feeling of same-old, same-old. Just another dark winter day.

As I peer through my window on an Amsterdam canal, yes the sun is nowhere around… so a blue or rather a grey day indeed.

However, I have decided that today I will warm my body from inside with one of my favorite teas – an energizing mixture of tea leaves: green tea, lemongrass, lime, lemon and ginger essential oil. A concoction made by the Parisian tea brand Betjeman & Barton.

Making tea of fresh ginger, mint and a lemon mixture will also be just fine.

Today, I will also quiet my mind with yoga. Hoping that calming my mind – will make me see more clearly. That this Monday is not just another Monday in the conveyor belts of Mondays – but it is the Only January 21st in 2013, it’s a new 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds… with which to do Plenty. And many 1st.

So I challenge you on this Blue Monday – to make choices to help you – rejuvenate, energize and reflect.  Have a great Monday!




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