Nutrition consultation

Nutrient dense foods

Wouldn’t it be great, if you can eat your favourite foods and get all the nutrients your body need? To optimize your nutrient intake, the rule of thumb is to eat a varied diet, eat a rainbow of colours and eat foods that are in season. Doing this you will get more bang for your nutrient…

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Strengthen your immune system

For the past many years I have not had a cold nor had any illnesses.  Touch Wood! Although I am often around large groups of people – in classes, international flights, as well young children, my immune system seems to remain resilient. I would chalk this up to making conscious choices around how I eat.Move.Breathe. Choosing an…

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Are you having a 'Burn out'

Burn-out, a term used to describe a set of symptoms consisting of difficulty sleeping, low energy, fatigue, headache, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, impaired immunity, frequent colds/flu, low libido. If you experience some of these listed symptoms, you may have over-worked adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands help your body cope with stress by secreting hormones,…

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Binge Eating

Food cravings and overeating are often linked to mood problems such as stress, depression, PMS and lack of natural light (SAD ~ seasonal attention disorder).

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