Optimise your Energy

Our sleep habits, diet, stress levels, digestion, lack of movement can Boost or Sap our Energy

With Functional Nutrition, I help you identify key underlying factors to Perform at your best. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get Lean. Boost your Energy.  

Eat. Move. Breathe.

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Eat for Energy

Choose the right foods - for you. Choose enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense foods to support your unique metabolism. With a nutrition plan to improve your digestion, manage weight and support your immune system.

Make healthy accessible, simple and enjoyable

Bite-size strategies to incorporate into your daily life. Get the right mix of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, omegas, antioxidants, fibre, protein, and complex carbohydrates.

No restrictive diet

I believe in the power of plant phytonutrients to positively impact your health, vitality and energy levels.

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Meet your Nutritionist

Kyrin Hall, PhD, Clinical Nutrition.

Nutrition Consult

Kyrin, an embodiment of health‘ - Elle Magazine

Kyrin is passionate about helping people harness their energy. With functional nutrition (orthomolecular medicine) and diagnostic testings, she helps you optimise performance and resilience.


Kyrin is a
* Plant-based chef: certified clinical nutritionist. She combines food science and culinary techniques. She honed her culinary skills at the Cordon Bleu (Paris) and with various plant-based chefs in LA / Miami.

* Endurance athlete: she is currently training for an Ironman 70.3. Her most memorable race is the Bay of Pigs trail marathon in Cuba where she won 1st Place Female.

* Avid yoga practitioner + teacher: co-founded the Yoga4Runner studio + Teacher Training programme (link to Yoga page),

* Health Ambassador: freelance health journalist (Sky TV + print media). A presenter at TEDx in Holland. Frequently invited key note speaker.

* Chocolate addict: indulge with home-made cacao nut barks + energy bites

* Early morning riser: kick-start her day with movement – run, yoga or a beach-walk with Muffin, her Chihuahua dog.

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Get Your 5 Recipes For Energy Bites

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