Plant Based Recipe Cookbook

Eating plant-based foods is a surefire way to harness your energy. These enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense foods have phytonutrients (plant nutrients) to strengthen your immune system,  support your digestion and feed your Brain.

This book is for you, if YOU want to:

  • Beat fatique

  • Eat clean

  • Adopt a plant-base lifestyle

  • Increase your energy when you sport

  • Find more creative ways to prepare vegetables + plant foods

  • Improve your performance as an athlete, yogi, runner

  • Enjoy fun, simple, gourmet plant-based recipes 😉

Coming Soon
Kyrin Hall 2

Author: Kyrin Hall PhD, nutritionist, plant-based chef & endurance athlete.  She blends food science and culinary techniques; honed her culinary craft at the Cordon Bleu (Paris) + with various plant-based chefs (LA, Miami).

You can join her in creating this recipe book. Tell her your challenges or triumphs with a plant-base diet. 

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