Nutrient dense foods

Wouldn’t it be great, if you can eat your favourite foods and get all the nutrients your body need?

To optimize your nutrient intake, the rule of thumb is to eat a varied diet, eat a rainbow of colours and eat foods that are in season. Doing this you will get more bang for your nutrient bucks.

Brightly coloured foods, especially fruits & vegetables are richer in anti-oxidants, which helps to support your immune system. Eating a seasonal varied diet gives you nutrient-variety and nutrient-density.

One of the biggest challenges is to know which foods contain which nutrients, and how much you should you be eating.

Here is my list of 12 important nutrients that your body needs, to boost your immunity and optimize your energy levels, plus some foods you will find these nutrients in.

12 important nutrients 

1. Vitamin C: [immune support, iron absorption] Broccoli – strawberries – freshly squeeze orange juice – bell peppers

2. Vitamin D: [regulate calcium, bone health] Vitamin D3 – cod liver oil – raw fish – fortified cereal – caviar – oyster

3. Folic acid: [cellular renewal, child birth] Spinach – kidney beans – green soya beans – broccoli – asparagus

4. Beta-carotene:  [skin, immune, eyes ] Sweet potato – pumpkin – carrots –spinach – kale – squash

5. Selenium: [anti-oxidant, immune] Oysters – brazil nuts –sardines – tuna – clams – turkey breast

6. Vitamin E: [anti-oxidant, reduce free radical damage] Wheatgerm oil – flaxseed oil – olive oil – almonds – blueberries

7. Lycopene: [antioxidant] Tomato sauce/juice – pink grapefruit – watermelon

8. Glutathione: [powerful anti-oxidant] Asparagus – avocado – walnuts – peanut butter – oatmeal – broccoli – spinach

9. Omega 3: [brain fuel, balances hormone ] Oily fish, sardine, herring, salmon – nuts & seeds – flaxseed – spinach – avocado

10. Polyphenol:  [powerful anti- oxidant] Berries – kale – spinach – grapes – prunes – dates – figs – parley

11. Fiber: [digestive support] Beans – lentils – quinoa – fresh fruits & vegetables – brown/wild rice

12. Protein: [muscle recovery, brain fuel]  Fish – lean  poultry & meats – beans/lentils – hempseed

As always, Kyrin xo


Kyrin Hall

Kyrin Hall - Natural Medicine, Food Science + TV Health PresenterKyrin presents & produces Health programmes for SKY TV The Active Channel. She also contributes to various Health magazines such as Men’s fitness, Runner’s world and Zest Fitness…

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