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Run YOGA Roll

Teacher Training combines Chi-Running + Yoga + Foam Rolling. 

We are the first yoga studio to offer a global Yoga-Run Teacher Training programme certified by the Yoga Alliance UK.   

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Here is what our Students are saying...

“ Yoga with the self-myofascial release was such a complement to the preparations towards my first 61 km Ultra at the Lake District ”

“ Yoga 4 runners gives me a lot of insight into how people are moving. I can use this information at my work with Run2Day” running coach

“ yoga made my core-stability better, I feel stronger in the lower back and I can use my core-strength to run faster”

“ after long runs, I use a simple sequence of yoga-stretches to keep my muscles well circulated…after this, I feel alive again”

“Your group classes are fantastic!”The Sunday Times
“No injuries since I include yoga in my fitness training”Guus VB
“I like this kind of yoga no chanting or funny stuff”Bart van M
“Running and yoga is a good combination”Susanne VM

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